Try on a variety of foundations, powders, and lips stains instantly at the comfort of your home! Easily scroll through 100 shades with our new virtual try-on, using these easy steps.

Using the Virtual Try-On Button:

1. Choose a product with the a "Try On" button or click on the "Virtual Try-on" pop up.

Using the Virtual Try-On Magic Mirror (As Seen On This Page):

1. Tap the product to enable the try on.

2. Click the button labeled "Live" to open a live camera to try on the products or tap the camera icon that appears at the bottom of the virtual try-on mirror and choose open a live try-on, upload a photo from your device or choose a model.

3. If you wish to find a more accurate shade/ color match using he live camera try-on option, use your camera in natural lighting and on makeup-free skin. If you wear glasses, take them off, smile and don't forget to center your face in the virtual try-on parameters that will appear on the screen.
4. Scroll and click on shade/ swatches to instantly see any shade on you.

Still not sure what color to choose? Check out our Shade Finder to compare models of different shades and skin tones.