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L.A. Pride Cosmetics
Effective as of January 1, 2021

Our Company, L.A Pride Cosmetics LLC is passionate and particular in being open minded on how we obtain and use personal information and data related to individuals. In transparent manner, our privacy policy gives you the information and data on the categories of personal information and data we obtain, how we make use of such personal information and data and to whom disclosed.


Our company privacy policy refers to personal data or information obtained from you in consequences of our Communications to you through our Mobile application, promotion and social media in which our company is involved. You are required to read this notice and understand same in relation to your rights as your personal information and how we access, collect, use and process personal information.


Please, if you do not consent to the privacy notice in general or in part, you should not make use or access our website, our mobile app or partake in our promotions or social media operation as the case may apply.



Our Company’s address is;


3255 Sagestone Drive, 

Suite 7223, Forthworth,

76177, Texas.


For purposes of clarity, regardless of the place of residence and for the purpose of data protection laws, our Company L A Pride Cosmetics LLC is in control of personal information made available to us by you or collected and process by our company. 



Our Company obtain and use information that relates to, identifies or is capable of being linked or associated to either directly or indirectly through your device  and when such information are used, there is a cogent reason for such use. 


Disclosure of personal information in our company’s possession is purely for business purposes and such disclosure are in the following manner;

  1. To fulfill the obligation you supplied the information e.g response to your enquiries etc. 

  2. To maintain and secure the individual account with our company.

  3. To provide business support and response to enquiries.

  4. To provide accurate support and website development.

  5. To deliver product and services that are relevant to your interest through our Company’s website or Mobile app, text message and e-mails within the context of extant laws. 

  6. To help maintain safety and security of our Company’s website, Mobile Apps, products and services and prevent incursion of fraud into our Company’s business.



  • BUSINESS: Personal information are disclosed for business purposes and such categories of information are as follows;

- Business and Commercial Information – purchase and order information.

- Identity of the individual such as the first name and last name, addresses, both email address, billing address and mailing address.

- Internet information generally. 

Your personal information are disclosed in the course of business to the following set of service providers and/or unknown third parties:


  1. Order Processors, Shipping and Payment Protocol Officers. 

  2. Customer Service Protocol Officers. 

  3. Marketing Officials and Shopping Agents.

  4. Product Technical Review Programmers.



Our Company, disseminate personal information within the context of applicable law in Texas through email address with advertisers, advertising practitioners and third parties to service the targeted and advertising. 



In exceptional circumstances, we may disclose or publish to third parties personal information collected from you including your personal information with organization, Companies, entities and individuals with your express consent.  



Where Legal Requirement stipulates, personal information derived from you or collected about you may be shared to third parties or if we have good belief that use and disclosure of such personal information is reasonably necessary to comply with extent federal, state or local laws, civil criminal investigation or compulsory governmental request, response to legal processes such as search warrant and Court Order etc and in defense to legal actions against the Company by third parties or consumers as permitted by law.



Where the Company undergoes business transformation etc merger and acquisition by another Company or sale of critical assets of the Company, personal information about you may be disclosed to the succeeding organization to the extent permitted by law.



Our company may share or disclose non personal information with our service providers to enable the company improve upon service and delivery to customers and for research purposes.



We keep your personal information based on how and why it is collected and to satisfy our commercial and legal requirements when your personal information is no longer needed, it will be deleted from our system. Take Notice that we have no legal obligation to notify you when the information is deleted and such deleting is at the company’s discretion.



Our company maintains an appropriate security steps designed to protect personal information we collect in a secure manner. Although no security system is perfect, we follow reasonable measures to protect the personal information in our company’s possession.


TAKE NOTICE that transmission of personal data to our company is at your own risk. 



Collection and use of personal information are treated with utmost care and transparency. Our company is open to complaints and questions on the way we handle your personal information and if there is any concerns, please contact the head office of our Company for proper handling.


You also have the right to complain to any supervisory authority within the country where you live if you feel that your compliant was not properly addressed by us.



Our Company makes use of internet based advertising companies using tracking technologies to serve our customers. These advertising agents collect personal information about your visit to our website and your interaction with us. The advert agents put up adverts on behalf of our company and some of these adverts are personalized based on personal data collected about your visits to our websites.



Our company’s website or any advert communications is not directed to children nor any personal information from children below the age of consent intentionally collected without the consent of the guardian. Any unintentional collection of personal information from children under the age of consent should be reported to our company immediately for proper address of the issues. 



Our Company is not responsible for the control of activities and the manner the third party websites where our website or mobile app have links with operate. Please contact these websites for further information on their privacy policies.



Our Company reverses the right to change privacy notices as circumstances demand including keeping within the requirements of the law and new technologies. However any change in privacy notice in material particular will be posted on our website.



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